Claims about Shingles: A Punny Guide to Managing Roof Damage Insurance Claims! 

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Shingle Pains and Insurance Claims

The journey of managing roof damage insurance claims can often feel windier and hail-ier than the weather phenomena causing the damages in the first place. Ruffling up to 34.2% of all homeowners’ insurance losses between 2014-2018, these windy comrades have set quite a record on the insurance stakes according to the Insurance Information Institute. In response to this menacing weather phenomenon, Lynk Pros Roofing offers you a handy, punny guide to steer through the storm that is the insurance claim process.

Insurance Claims Made a Breeze: What You Need to Know

To avoid letting your roof troubles eclipse your peace of mind, it’s important to have a working understanding of the ins and outs of insurance claims. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners reported that insurance claims for water damage and freeze injuries averaged at $10,234—a number that inflates dramatically when a roof is party to the damage. Recent research affirms that 1 in every 40 insured homes grapples with roof damage on an annual basis, further intensifying the need to manage roof damage insurance claims effectively.

The Claims Ladder: Step by Step

Worried about going overboard with your claims? Bring your sea legs to this easy, step-by-step guide to smoother sailing.

Step one: Inspect and document the roof damage

The road to a solid claim starts with understanding and documenting the extent of your roof’s damage. Photographs and comprehensive notes are your best allies here.

Step two: contact your insurance company

Time is against you when it comes to roofing damage. Report the damage as soon as possible in order to prevent further complications.

Step three: meet with the insurance adjuster

Next, you’ll meet with your insurance adjuster for an inspection.

Step four: review your settlement

Once a settlement is reached, review the details to ensure it covers your losses.

Frequently Asked Shingle Questions

The path to effective roof damage insurance claims comes with a number of expected inquiries. Let’s peel back a few shingles and shine a light on some common concerns.

How much will my insurance cover?

The coverage limits of your insurance policy will dictate the lion’s share of your coverage. However, be advised, every policy has its nuances. If insurance lexis has your eyes spinning more your heads, reach out to a professional for guidance.

What if my claim is denied?

In the unfortunate event that your claim faces denial, remember: it is not the end of the road. Be sure to evaluate the explanation provided and seek a second opinion if necessary.

Will my premium increase after a claim?

Although a claim could potentially lead to increased premiums, several factors come into play, including your history of claims and your policy conditions.

Your Roof, Your Sanctuary: Tips for Damage Control

Faulty shingles may make your head twirl, but the best strategy to avoid them is through preventive measures. Here are some tips for keeping your roof in top-notch shape:

  • Consistent roof maintenance and check-ups
  • Frequent gutter cleaning
  • The use of quality materials during roof construction
  • Quick response to minor damages
  • For a robust defense against roof damage and the sometimes chaotic whirl of insurance claims, care, vigilance, and a good sense of humor are your best tools.

    Leak Proof Your Roof Assurance: The Closing Cover

    Under the wrath of wind and hail, your sturdy roof may occasionally hang out a ‘damaged’ sign. Armed with the essentials of roof repair and an understanding of the shingles claim process, you can tame the squall that is managing roof damage insurance claims. The puns may be light, but Lynk Pros Roofing hopes you’ve found this guide packed with information and tips on the insurance claim process and roofing damage control. Remember, amidst every hail storm, there is always the promise of a well-roofed home. Stay punny, stay informed, and keep those insurance claims in check.


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